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About Lisa Olsen

Mission Statement

I know how you feel in your body impacts how you show up in your life. When people feel stiff or limited, it is difficult to do the things you want to do. My goal is to support you in creating more ease and movement in your body so you can do those things you want to do, whether it’s spending time with people you care about or working towards an important goal. My business uses Thai-inspired massage and bodywork, locally made self-care products, Yoga, and other movement modalities to expand what you can do.

 Business Values


Relationships — Family, Friends, those around us

Accessible to the whole Community

Integrity – both physically and in our actions

Move Better in Your Body So You Can Show Up In Life

Currently, I am teaching a weekly Yoga Class in Creswell and have limited openings for manual (hands-on) therapy. I am certified for Yoga and other alignment training. I am a licensed massage therapist with training in Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Positional Release, Hawaiian Mat,  Ashiatsu and Thai Traditional physical therapies. 

I was 16 (I think) the first time I went to see a massage therapist. My mom was seeing Sharon Jakeways, who practices in the Marcola area, to help with Sciatica and upper back tension. I also had upper back tension. We went to our appointments not really wanting to do much at home, not wanting to go out and enjoy life. After our appointments we felt better and did more of the things we enjoy in our lives. This showed me how beneficial massage and bodywork are, and led me to want to learn more.

While I continued to find massage and movement important, it was slow transition over the years for me to make it a career. I read massage and anatomy books. I attended Yoga and other movement classses when I could. I used recorded fitness workouts when I couldn’t get to classes. In 2010 I took a professional level massage course in Fairbanks, AK where I learned Hawaiian Mat Massage. I kept practicing, and after moving to Oregon I was finally in a place where I could take a full massage program leading to licensure.

It was October of 2019 when I finally got my license. During that time I also earned my Personal Trainer Certification. I enrolled in further movement training and Thai Massage Training.

Then Covid hit our world in early 2020. My trainings were delayed and/or moved online. I stayed home to homeschool my kids (we still do that) and focused on gaining the skills I would want to have for our changing world.

During the early stages of the Pandemic I watched as many of the movement professionals in Creswell closed or moved away. I noticed that people in local Facebook groups kept asking if anyone taught Yoga. In 2021 no one was teaching Yoga in Creswell. I decided that if it is what people are asking for, then I would get certified and offer Yoga classes. It is such a natural fit as a piece of the massage and bodywork skills I have.

At the end of June, 2022 I began teaching Yoga at the Creswell Grange. The class now meets at 5:30 pm on Thursdays. It is a great class for beginners and those who have taken a long break that are able to sit down on the floor and go to a standing position.

Lisa Olsen


If you would like to get in touch with me, please use my Contact Page.

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Bring your body back into a state of ease

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